Mathematical methods in general relativity

and quantum field theories

November 4–6, 2009, Paris

Poster of the conference

Invited speakers

Practical informations

Schedule of the conference

Wednesday November 4, 2009   – Room  2E01  – chairman P. LeFloch

Coffee break

Lunch break    chairman J. Kouneiher

Tea break

Thursday November 5, 2009  –  Room 0C02  – chairman F. Helein

Coffee break

  • 11h30 – 12h20 :  Daniel Bennequin “Geometry of duality on curves, surfaces and moduli” (Lecture given on blackboard.)

Lunch break  Chaiman C. Barbachoux

Tea break

Friday November 6, 2009  –  Room 1C18  – chairman P. LeFloch

Coffee break

Lunch and end of the conference